Geomantic Empaths: Absorbing Demons of Slave Plantations

Geomantic Empaths: Absorbing Slave Trauma

A Black American family’s effort to rehabilitate plantation land has an Empathic daughter battling a […]

Black Girl Magic, Christ and Submission

Black Girl Magic, Christ and Submission

Where does Christ fit into Black Girl Magic? (Angels with Demons: Breaking Generational Curses Part […]

First Annual Afro Empath Healing Retreat

Commentary, testimony and soundbites from our first annual Afro Empath Excursion healing retreat.

Saying Goodbye to the Simulation

Four Empaths of the African diaspora embark upon a healing journey that would reshape the […]

When Demons attack our Children

Whether we acknowledge the existence of demonic forces or not. They exist and can prey […]

Empaths, Codependency and Demonic Attachments

Black Ether and I share our experiences as Empaths and healers. Ranging from codependent archetypes […]