Exorcism of M_____

Exorcism of M_____

Geomantic Empaths: Absorbing Demons of Slave Plantations

Geomantic Empaths: Absorbing Slave Trauma

A Black family’s effort to rehabilitate plantation land has an Empathic daughter battling a demonic […]

Black Girl Magic, Christ and Submission

Black Girl Magic, Christ and Submission

Where does Christ fit into Black Girl Magic? (Angels with Demons: Breaking Generational Curses Part […]

First Annual Afro Empath Healing Retreat

Saying Goodbye to the Simulation

Four Empaths of the African diaspora embark upon a healing journey that would reshape the […]

When Demons attack our Children

Whether we acknowledge the existence of demonic forces or not. They exist and can prey […]

Empaths, Codependency and Demonic Attachments

Black Ether and I share our experiences as Empaths and healers. Ranging from codependent archetypes […]